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Safe, confidential, professional therapy.


Obtain your well-being goals

I support people to positively address challenges in their lives, to enable them to live with an empowered attitude and find the joy and fulfillment they are striving for by realising that they have the power to effect and draw this into their own lives.


I embrace the strengths-based practice approaches in my work. I find that practicing from a strengths perspective is hope enhancing, respectful, and collaborative and that clients benefit greatly from such an approach. I also have a special interest in mindfulness and offer a mindfulness-based counselling process. Aligned with the strengths approach and mindfulness, I use the approach known as The Three Principles or Health Realisation approach. This is a powerful way to become aware of the effect we have on our personal reality and on change.




I consult during the week in the Camborne, Porirua area and online counselling or e-counselling sessions via Skype or telephone sessions are also available. Some after hour or weekend sessions are available too via Skype or telephone as well as some late in-person appointments in Porirua



Your Greatest Self.


How often do we love, accept and appreciate ourselves as we are? Often we have more criticism and judgement for and on ourselves than acceptance and appreciation. This causes suffering and feed into beliefs of 'not good enough' and certainly does not equate to freedom and peace. Self acceptance however leads to wellness, freedom, happiness, peace, joy and a sense of good enough where it really means 'good' 'enough'. 




"Petro has helped me answer some tough questions" .... "her counselling was exactly what I needed at the time. I'm doing really really well right now" ... "but if there ever comes a time where I feel I need some help sorting out my thoughts, I know I'll be on the phone with her for an appointment." 




"I've really benefited a lot from my appointments with Petro. Petro has helped me a lot to focus on identifying goals and planning specific strategies to work towards those goals. All I needed was a push and some guidance, and Petro provided that. Thank you so much."


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I am not currently accepting new clients and will remove this notice once I have availability again. 




What really makes us happy? Many misconceptions about happiness exist! Come and discuss what science shows make us happier.


Happiness is a skill. By looking at the role of exercise, thought processes, mindfulness, being human, dealing with stress etc we can raise our general happiness level.







Change your thoughts, change your life


A sense of fulfilment does not depend on time, location or objects. Awareness of destructive thoughts and narratives could lead to gaining inner stability, clarity, fulfillment and control.                                                                                        

Letting go - starts now!                                                       

Letting go is about your freedom, your healing, your future.




Instead of being on automatic and mindless, mindfulness helps us awaken, and by reflecting on the mind we are enabled to make choices and thus change becomes possible. - Daniel J. Siegel


Life often passes us by as we live in the past or future missing what is in this very moment or what this very moment is all about. The mindful appreciation of life can: 


- help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, pain and the demands of everyday life;


- deal with challenging events with composure and equanimity;


- be alive and present in this very moment.


This is, however, a practice to practise with significant emotional and physical benefits accumulating as you progress. As this topic is these days widely researched, a body of data is freely available on the numerous benefits.




"This was my first experience of counselling so I really had no idea what to expect but I had heard you have to meet the right one. I did, first time, meant to be!

Right from the start her compassion and intuition made me think, I can really be me and not be judged or made to feel uncomfortable about what I was saying."




"I went to see Petro after my 27 year marriage ended abruptly and I was very depressed and confused. I found it extremely hard to cope day to day.
She was very understanding and she listened. She gave me good advice and most of all some hope that my life would get better.
My family said that I was much better for seeing her, I would recommend Petro to anyone who needed her help. She definitely helped me."


Avoid the commute, from the comfort of your own home or office with greater flexibility regarding session times you may wish to schedule a telephonic or online counselling session. This is often helpful for mums with little ones at home or when location or circumstances don't allow attending sessions on site.

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