March 2017

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I have known Petro for roughly 3 years now I believe it is.  I first met Petro when I reluctantly went with my husband for a couple's counselling session.  Yes I was sceptical and didn't really think anyone could help us.  I am happy to say that I was completely wrong.  Not only did Petro help us deal with our marriage issues (brought on when we first became parents) but she has also since helped me a great deal as I have been dealing with post-natal depression/anxiety.  We continue to see Petro on and off when we face new issues and she always helps us see the best in each other and puts us back on track.


I highly recommend speaking with Petro and do so at any opportunity I get.  It is hard to put into words just what a difference speaking to Petro has not only made for my husband and I but for our family life and young children also.  My relationship with my girls has improved so much - I am able to truly cherish them now that mindfulness is a natural and integrated part of my life.  Anyone that has ever faced post-natal depression will know that the hardest part is feeling a disconnection from your children and since being introduced to Mindfulness by Petro I am so happy to say that my relationship with my girls is the best it ever has been.  


Petro manages to bring things to the surface that I didn't even know were there, she does this in the most kind and thoughtful way and is so respectful and non-judgemental in the way she practices.  


I personally have benefited from telephonic sessions with Petro as this suits me as a stay at home mum with two young children.   I know that even on the toughest morning that one phone call with Petro (with a hot cup of tea and in the comfort of my own home) can set me up for the week ahead.  I feel lighter - more confident in myself after speaking with Petro.   It really makes things so easy when you know that you don’t have to try and get everyone out of the house, work around children’s routines etc – if my baby is asleep that is great as I can focus more, but honestly if she is awake she normally grabs the phone to say Hi to Petro then potters around playing with her toys and I can enjoy my session over the phone.  If there is any information that Petro feels would be of help to me after our session is finished she simply flicks me an email.


She has such a wealth of knowledge and a way with words that I feel I could speak with her about anything and I know she genuinely wants to listen and help me find a solution.  Yes, that is another brilliant thing about Petro - she has such an amazing way of getting you to see your own strengths and to really recognise (even when you might be in the lowest of low moods) that each individual person has it within them to change their life around if you would simply pay attention to what your own body is telling you.  


I feel comforted that Petro is just a phone call or email away and I look forward to many more telephonic sessions with her - not just when times are hard but also as a preventative measure to keep myself mindful and on track with my now happy life.  I truly thank Petro for opening my eyes to the fact that is was always there I just needed some help and guidance to see it.

by Petro Booysen Creative living.

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