Equine assisted learning for Organisations and Corporate clients:


The challenge of business leaders and their teams is to access and maintain the high quality level of performance needed to succeed in today's highly competitive and fast paced environments.

To enjoy success every business must be prepared to overcome challenges and develop creative problem solving methods and fresh ideas.


The Equine assisted learning programme endeavours to enrich and infuse your business with the power of integrity, focused intention and effective communication. This ground breaking approach of experiential learning creates efficient communication skills, a connected workplace team and crafts effective and authentic leadership.


Tailored to your needs a once-off teambuilding session/morning/day could be arranged or depending on the needs and goals a number of sessions might be required.


Benefits and goals could include:


  • Enhance leadership skills and improve teamwork

  • Improve understanding of communication styles and strengthen relationships for better collaboration

  • Examine cultural expectations and how they impact results

  • Create an environment that suspends judgment and increases integrity, authenticity, trust, confidence and productivity

  • Build respectful relationships

  • Improve ability to work with different personalities

  • Identify member roles and responsibilities

  • Improve creativity and innovation

  • Enhance problem solving skills

  • Assist with overcoming fears and embrace challenges

  • Identify & establish team goals


Using horses as the learning tool in a series of interactive exercises and activities, participants gain insight into how their behaviours and actions impact others in all life areas, both professionally and personally. Horses make unique and authentic learning partners. They truly reflect our attitudes, intentions, and mirror our communication styles. Horses differ from humans in that they don't see socio-economic status and they don't care about our gender, race, size, status, orientations and belief systems.  They accept each person for exactly who they are based on their honesty, confidence, congruency, level of trust, assertiveness, and clarity in communication.  Horses are totally honest, incapable of hidden agendas, live in the present moment and a place of discernment rather than judgment.  Horses reflect their assessment of us and this creates the opportunity for us to understand our effectiveness and learn where we can grow and develop. 


Combining the natural attributes of the horse with the skills and experiences of our Mental Health Professional and qualified Equine Facilitator creates opportunities for clients to create new possibilities and expand their talents. During the sessions a Professional Counsellor and an Equine Specialist – working as a team - are present at all times. The therapists are trained within their professions and by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association .


No prior knowledge of horses or horsemanship is necessary for the clients and all activities with the horses take place on the ground.

by Petro Booysen Creative living.

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