"Petro has helped me answer some tough questions" .... "her counselling was exactly what I needed at the time. I'm doing really really well right now" ... "but if there ever comes a time where I feel I need some help sorting out my thoughts, I know I'll be on the phone with her for an appointment." 

"I've really benefited a lot from my appointments with Petro. Petro has helped me a lot to focus on identifying goals and planning specific strategies to work towards those goals. All I needed was a push and some guidance, and Petro provided that. Thank you so much."

"This was my first experience of counselling so I really had no idea what to expect but I had heard you have to meet the right one. I did, first time, meant to be!"

"Right from the start her compassion and intuition made me think, I can really be me and not be judged or made to feel uncomfortable about what I was saying."

"I went to see Petro after my 27 year marriage ended abruptly and I was very depressed and confused. I found it extremely hard to cope day to day."

"She was very understanding and she listened. She gave me good advice and most of all some hope that my life would get better. My family said that I was much better for seeing her, I would recommend Petro to anyone who needed her help. She definitely helped me."

“I have had wonderful help and support from Petro Booysen over several years. 
She is an outstanding counsellor. She has excellent skills and strategies and is very caring, empathetic, knowledgeable and capable. 
I feel so fortunate to have found her. Petro has helped me to deal with, and get on top of a very difficult and painful situation to the extent that things have improved enormously. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Petro.”

“Petro is an exceptional counsellor who has changed my life. 
She has helped me overcome depression and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise which has improved my quality of life. 
Petro is extremely kind and thoughtful and always puts you at ease. 
I highly recommend Petro as a gifted counsellor who brings light and clarity into your life.”

“Petro is a wonderful counsellor. She is compassionate, patient and has a lovely sense of calm about her. I found Petro to be very intuitive and at the same time highly practical in the application of tools and techniques to help me move forward in a very resourceful way. Petro always worked with me and moved at my pace and timing, which was very comforting.
I would strongly recommend Petro to anyone as a trusted counsellor. She has wonderful integrity and ethics and has helped me tremendously.”

“I entered sessions with Petro as a couple with my husband. She held a non-biased presence for the both of us with awareness of our unique roles in relationship to each other. Her philosophy is focused on remembering the power of the mind to influence the emotional experience. She taught us to practice letting emotions happen without destroying the interaction my husband and I share.”

“I really benefited from my sessions with Petro. I looked forward to our time together, from the moment you arrive Petro creates a welcoming environment, offering you a cup of tea and a relaxing space helping you unwind from your busy day. 
Using mindfulness techniques Petro helped me to step back from my thoughts and see some of the unhelpful and self critical patterns I've unknowingly been holding onto for a long time. She provided a non judgemental space and lots of tools and interesting videos to explore at home. 
By the end of our time together I felt less anxious, more in control of my thoughts and overall more content in myself.”

"Petro is a very down to earth therapist who helps her clients see how thinking leads to emotions which leads to behavior. Very heartfelt and actually gives a damn. Highly recommended!”

"Every single person could benefit from having monthly catch ups with Petro.   She is insightful and knowledgeable and I walk away from every session with a new lens through which to see things. Even when I think we have nothing to discuss we always actually do.   I have seen a few people in my life for counselling support and Petro is one of only two that I cannot speak highly enough of.”

“Petro has helped me in so many ways, she’s incredibly personable and calm, while guiding the session in such a helpful way.   I couldn’t recommend her more!”

“I saw Petro when struggling with grief after my marriage breakup. Petro is kind, compassionate and was influential with providing me with the skills to move forward and find balance and happiness in my life again.”