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Are you being the best you can be? Want to have more control of your life? What can be holding you back? 


We grow up forming belief systems through our life experiences and messages from adults, parents and others. Our belief system is the actual set of precepts from which we live our daily life, those which govern our thoughts, words, and actions. 'Living with' our belief systems leads to much 'self-talk' or 'messages' playing off in our minds on a daily basis. Usually we are not aware of these 'automatic repetitive scripts' as we have become so accustomed to it over the years. Belief systems can be empowering or disabling, however, they often contain limiting messages. Playing these limiting scripts to ourselves has a negative effect on our confidence, courage, ability and self acceptance. Awareness and taking note, however, is our first line of defence and number one step to claiming our personal power.


The good news is that we can 're-program' by learning to think anew about ourselves and thus rerecord new messages and form new belief systems. These new messages can again become automatic over time but with an enabling rather than limiting effect.


How do you want to see yourself? Brave, confident, graceful, assertive, loving, outgoing...? What are the words you want to start to identify with? You can choose to start to visualise yourself in terms of this new you picture that you wish to construct. For example, a person with a temper sees him/herself as a person with a temper. When a trigger situation occurs, this person acts in line with what he/she believes about him/herself. If you have learned that you have a choice and options you might in that moment choose to consider your options thus to see yourself as somebody who can choose how they want to act. Perhaps you learn to see yourself as somebody with wisdom and experience who has a choice to not get sucked in to the emotion of the moment but rather use your rational logical thought processes. This allows you to decide how you want to respond and so you respond in a manner that you can be proud of rather than to simply react. The picture you hold of yourself can be enormously empowering in creating the life you want. Your mind is your creative power with which you can limit or empower yourself. Some re-programming strategies: take a few minutes each day to visualise yourself in terms of the words you choose to associate with; carry these words with you to glance at in spare moments; put these words in affirmations about yourself or your life to repeat to yourself on a daily basis.


Let's ask ourselves what the origin of those scripts is? Do you think that they could possibly be outdated? Which beliefs do you think you would like to let go of? Which beliefs do you want to adopt in order to take control of your life and feel good about yourself? What a liberating realisation it is to grasp that 'the story of me' does not have to be my identity. Build the identity you want and so take control of your future.


Judgements and criticisms we hold about ourselves and others can be quite destructive. Especially as we tend to get into a mental habit in this regard of not realising that we are free to give up judgements and criticisms of ourselves and others! It is a choice. Criticising and judging hundreds of things, oneself included, on a daily basis is the cause of so much 'noise in the mind'. But I have found it to be quite possible to remind oneself that a judgement is simply not required. We crave peace in today's world - could this be one element in achieving peace in one's own mind? Freedom is letting go; however judgement, blame, anger and criticism will keep you trapped. We cannot change the past but we can change our attitude to the past and the effect the past has on the now. Blaming the past keeps you trapped and again letting go is freedom. Blaming is a way of giving my own power away, where choosing to take responsibility for the now is powerful. One's point of power can be found in the present moment and so can peace.


How often do we love, accept and appreciate ourselves as we are? Often we have more criticism and judgement for and on ourselves than acceptance and appreciation. This causes suffering and feed into beliefs of 'not good enough' and certainly does not equate to freedom and peace. Self acceptance however leads to wellness, freedom, happiness, peace, love, joy and good enough where it really means 'good' 'enough'.


Your life experience and direction is determined by the choices you make. So the old saying 'do what you have always done and get what you always got' comes to mind. How powerful is it to make decisions and through making decisions say 'I am in charge of my life', so if my life can be seen as my work of art, do I want to be influenced by restricted beliefs?


On this journey of life let's express our full creative potential by being aware that every thought we think allows us to become who we are. Turn around your life by changing your thinking and so improve the quality of your life.


Kindness, love, acceptance and appreciation for oneself are primary colours in your palette with which you create the artwork of your life. So decide, take action and paint the picture of you.

by Petro Booysen Creative living.

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